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Not a Long Story
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Best Parenting
Best Parenting Sunil Gupta
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The Anti-Wave : Secret Story of Modi's 2019 Defeat
The Anti-Wave : Secr Amaresh Misra
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Pushpanjali Pushpanjali
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Chaandi ke Waraq
Chaandi ke Waraq Shweta Malik
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Not a Long Story
Not a Long Story Prabhat Poddar
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190 INR 2.71 $
Bulandi Mohd Aleem khan
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Katra chand ka
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Bal Sarovar
Bal Sarovar Priyanka Sharma
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Elements of Quantum Mechanics And Atomic Spectra
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November 19,2019

‘flashbacks’ is a nosegay of random memories of the author’s own childhood days...things, incidents and the life-style etc. with which the youth of today is not familiar and to whom the narration may sound like a piece of fiction. Through the book , it is an effort to remind the young boys+.....Read More



October 31,2019

The present book "Role perceptions & Performance Of Print Media" with special reference to the Indian context has varied content for deliberating on descriptions and details of Roles Of Print Media and its actual performances over It. The present book has also covered the vast range of activities, d.....Read More

Easy Driving Skills on Road

Easy Driving Skills on Road

November 27,2019

This book is written with the best intention to serve and protect and preserve the life that is very precious. We feel deeply that we are born on Earth to evolve and serve. We look forward with great expectation from this book which contains solid content that will propel you towards infinity for su.....Read More

20's The Most Formative years Of Your Life

20's The Most Formative years Of Your Life

December 12,2019

Our thirty century tells us twenty’s omitting years doesn’t really matter. Some term that period of life as a second adolescence, while some call it emerging adulthood. The basis for writing this book came up with my passion for the youth as I can’t help but notice many youths make a lot of mi.....Read More

Science Score A+

Science Score A+

February 5,2020

The literal meaning of the word science says “specific knowledge” but the actual meaning is much more than a word or a subject. It is actually a hierarchy of steps, a methodology to get acquainted with, a thought process to understand and live life. It is a matter of concern that most of the stu.....Read More


Ayush Yadav Student

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Dr. Joachim Matthias Schmidt Author

The publishing team seems to be able to develop quite an enthusiasm for the work. This is good and yields good results.The catalogue has a balanced mixture of Hindi and English contributions. So typical Indian traditions are kept without losing the eye for the outside world.Online Gatha is central to India, yet has established many links to publishing platforms outside, which becomes more and more important in an ever-interconnected world.customer support was Excellent.

Pradeep Kumar Gupta Author

I have no experience with other publication.As a reader I have no experience, but as a writer it is much convenient to publish book with onlinegatha.Good quality work. Value of money services Good

Rashmiranjan Sarangi Author

Better publishing strategy with timely delivery and very fast in response.

J. Chandrakant Author

Direct telephonic interaction with respective member makes easy to convey our ideas more effectively. If interested in complete satisfaction regarding services, the only option is Online Gatha. Dedication Devotion and Determination is followed by entire OG team No dought......, nothing other than 10 out of 10.

Showkat Ahmad Dar Author

The only difference between other publishing houses is that OG publications is providing a good, fast response to the author , appreciating, encouraging him/her for his/ her publishing work Services provided are very efficient , and related to the customer care service its Eco -friendly

Nagendra Dutt Sharma Author

Readers can approach for new published titles and writers who are starting new career may find some ease in their publishing work. They may submit their script (ready to publish work) to Online Gatha for further editing and good Book covers. The good printing and publishing quality of book with ISBN No. and publishing certificate. I found Online Gatha a good online self-publishing platform for new writers. The system of editing one's own book they provide to authors with an ease in working and clear understanding both online and talking over phone.

Rekha Sukhla Author

I am so happy . Job well done ...Two Thumbs up for Team Gatha ..Love you all and keep up the great work !!

Kamlanath Author

Dear Editor, I have received paperback copies of my recently published book "Moorakh To Ekahi Bhalo" today. The published version looks quite good and all care has been taken to see that there are no flaws. The coverpage has also come out very well.

Ray BradBury Autor

I am pleased that you have now sorted the bookstore out.This is good news for all your authors. Good Luck and keep up the great work ahead..!!

Harihar Jha Author

I am quite happy that you proactively ask for feedback for a greater customer satisfaction. The book is very nice in design and in printing. So I should point out on following to make it 100%. ****** Proof-Reading : Complete book is very nice. But there is discrepancy of 1 between actual page no of poem and the no shown in the index , please take care of this stuff in the second edition . I trust you take my comments in good spirit.

Divya Mathur Poet

I found Onlinegatha Quick, Professional & Cordial. It is a God sent for those who don't know the ABC of E-Books.

Dr Kavita Mathur Author

Onlinegatha gives us a better platform than other publishing house , i was totally unaware of such things in past but onlinegatha gave me enough support to make a better self publisher now , i am highly obliged to onlinegatha for providing such great support , keep up the good work !!!

Ram Singh Premi Author

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