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Daivik Nakshatra shastra and paryavaran (environment) by Mahendra Raval
Daivik Nakshatra shastra and paryavaran (environment)
Daivik Nakshatra shastra and paryavaran (environment)

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-our earth is going dry, water in earth going deep and deep , so drinking water being costly or unavailable, everywhere agriculture land becoming towering , reducing agricultural land so shortage of food growing is becoming less. Also industrial area is increasing, many countries constructing atomic weapons and testing. Every year rainfall getting down or harvesting is going to less. Also there are lotoff heat increasing by gas, petrol products, atomic test , due to all these global worming oxygen level decreases and carbon dioxide incrreasing,so man or animal suffering from many health problems.Nakshatra trees are very useful to human being and animal and also environment of the earth.

Publisher : Onlinegatha

Edition : 1

ISBN : 9789390388561

Number of Pages : 161

Weight : 300 gm

Binding Type : Ebook , Paperback

Paper Type : Cream Paper(70 GSM)

Language : Gujarati

Category : Religion and Spirituality

Uploaded On : November 2,2020

-Author shri Mahendra Raval have studied MSc. L Lb. From Gujarat university.He is by childhood and heriditory got knowledge of jyotish shashtras from his father, and also learn remedies of planets effecting in horoscope. He got certified astrological degrees from Ahmedabad reputed institutes I.e.jyotish visharad, jyotish Ratna, jyotish bhushan,jyotish Acharya, jyotish prabhakar,and jyotish shastri.Recently he awarded Gaurav puraskar from Gujarat samast brahman mandal.He was reguraly writting in public newspaper since more than 15 years.He published four books I.e.jyotish kavach, jyotish shrey, Reiki part -1,and paid kamao Ghana dhan etc. He is retiered bank officer.
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