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Easy Driving Skills on Road
Easy Driving Skills on Road

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ISBN : 978-81-942274-5-8

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This book is written with the best intention to serve and protect and preserve the life that is very precious. We feel deeply that we are born on Earth to evolve and serve. We look forward with great expectation from this book which contains solid content that will propel you towards infinity for sure.
Writing this book started when one of my associate brothers departed because of an accident on road, way back in 2012 as far as I remember it correctly; that accident triggered me to write this book, to save valuable lives. I think that if such kind of loving souls is gone in this manner, just because of an accident then it would be a matter of pity and grief. He was a volunteer at Heartfulness Institute, and I was blessed to meet & work with him during our volunteer service in July 2010 international Heartfulness Celebration in Lucknow.On another occasion, when I was in my B. Tech 3rd year, then one of my outstanding classmates, Mayank Pandey, died in an accident on road in Deoria, Uttar Pradesh. At that time, I was emotional and sit in prayer & meditation, I feel bad, but I accept it as a change in his life. The whole batch went for prayer.Many brothers and sisters die each day while driving, this book will surely prevent this, if read even with the least effort. Read it once completely. Then read a few pages (or just see it) of this book weekly which is highly recommended after your first reading is over. Just go through the lines and the essence of this book will act automatically in you. You need not mug or rot down anything, all you need is to just read it simply and naturally.‘This book is written with an Indian perspective’ by Mr. Deepanshu and edited by my younger sweet sister Ms. Smit Shreya. She is excellent in English writing and editing, for this I sincerely thanks her.
At last, we apologize for any unintended mistake from our side in this book and request you to notify us if any mistake is found.
Further, this writing started since 2012 but the speed gained after my joining in Lucknow Metro Rail Corporation in June, 2016; in Lucknow. From that day I approximately drove my Maruti 800 for 40 to 50 km daily on an average basis; from my home at Sahajpuram to Kanpur road Transport Nagar Depot Lucknow. This regular journey enriches me a lot along with other many travels, and I tried my best to put all my experiences, thoughts, revelations, experiences in this book.This book will surely transform you in many ways and it depends on the experiences that you witness and observe. Here, diary writing assists a lot.
Lots of love!
Your brother
Lucknow (Sunday, 6th January; 11th February & 6th of June 2019)

Publisher : Onlinegatha

Edition : 1

ISBN : 978-81-942274-5-8

Number of Pages : 170

Weight : 200 gm

Binding Type : Ebook , Paperback

Paper Type : Cream Paper(70 GSM)

Language : English

Category : Travel

Uploaded On : November 27,2019

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As an author, I affirm becoming lazy while writing this book, and this attitude of laziness turned out to be very beneficial for me because, during this time, many new ideas and experiences enriched me. I feel satisfied with this book as it gives me the feeling that I am contributing towards the society with the help of my family members, colleagues, friends and especially with the assistance of the editor of this same book. We hope that this book will find its way among many hearts and minds, as this book is triggering some eternal elements and concrete references which will lead readers to an inexhaustible source of life as well. We expect that essentials and basics will remain the same and so we tried to include them as much as we could. We repeated essentials for the good of all in different manners. May this book, Easy Driving Skills on Road, gain good gravity among all sections of readers and become a matter of discussion among all age groups. Further, dear readers of this book, you may read this book from any page and this feature may be taken as one of the beauties of this book. Regards Deepanshu Graduated from Bundelkhand Institute of Engineering & Technology (BIET) Jhansi, Post-Graduation from ‘MNNIT Allahabad’, Allahabad
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