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Badalte Darshya Badalte Darshya
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The Secrecy The Secrecy
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THE UNPLANNED manvendra sharma
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Swasthya Sanhita Dr. Subhash Chandra Gurudev
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Marham Kumkum chaturvedi
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Typical tale of an Indian Salesman
Typical tale of an I Kamlesh Tripathi
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Aafreen Decides To Live
Aafreen Decides To L Arjun Kumar
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Wellness With Acupressure & Colours
Wellness With Acupre Amarjit Singh Narula
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Jazbaat Jazbaat
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Saurabh Shri Saurabh Shri
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Bulandi 15 % OFF
Bulandi Mohd Aleem khan
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THE UNPLANNED manvendra sharma
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Katra chand ka 15 % OFF
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Bal Sarovar 30 % OFF
Bal Sarovar Priyanka Sharma
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Typical tale of an Indian Salesman
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Aafreen Decides To Live
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July 18,2018

Can Western civilization stop its decline? The West gave the World the light bulb, the internal combustion engine and much more that vastly improved the life on earth. But lately, the West is tired, hopeless, and dying. Author Shivaji Lokam says Western countries have been in a self-destruction mode.....Read More

Katra chand ka 15 % OFF

Katra chand ka

June 25,2018

श्रीमती पुष्पांजलि वर्मा (मम्मी) एवं श्री विष्णु मोहन वर्मा (पापा)
आभारी हूँ ईश्वर की जिन्होंने आप के संरक्षण में मुझको रखा
आज भी आपको अपने आसपास ही आशीष सा अनुभव करती हूँ
जीवन का हर पल सादर समर्पित आपको !.....Read More



August 27,2018

Do you believe in karma or destiny? Whatever you faith may be, this story will make you think twice about it. Let's walk this dramatic journey called life with Major Abhimanyu,an ardent believer in Karma. Passionately following his dream to become an army officer he meets with the girl of his dream.....Read More

Bulandi 15 % OFF


October 5,2018

ग़ालिबन मेरी उम्र 17-18 वर्ष रही होगी। मुझे टेपरिकॉर्डर के जरिये एक मुशायरा सुनने का मौका मिला जिससे मेरा रुझान शायरी की तरफ बढ़ने लगा। मेरी वंशावली के अनुसार मेरे बुजुर्गों का रुझान सियासत की तरफ तो रहा परन्तु इस तरफ किसी का कोई रुझान नहीं था। सच्चाई यह है कि मुझे शायरी ननिहाल से विरासत में मिली। मेरे बड़े मां रसीद अहमद ख़ान दिलबर जो ग्राम व पो. नवीनगर जिला सीतापुर के रहने वाले थे। ओज पूर.....Read More



November 16,2018

In the gather of life, thoughts are never straight.They are psychedelic. It is said. The most difficult is to control your mind. It wavers every second along the eerie ways of time. It has no standard fix, mix or a paradigm. It can gallivant from remembering your mother to what is right an what is w.....Read More


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I am pleased that you have now sorted the bookstore out.This is good news for all your authors. Good Luck and keep up the great work ahead..!!

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I am quite happy that you proactively ask for feedback for a greater customer satisfaction. The book is very nice in design and in printing. So I should point out on following to make it 100%. ****** Proof-Reading : Complete book is very nice. But there is discrepancy of 1 between actual page no of poem and the no shown in the index , please take care of this stuff in the second edition . I trust you take my comments in good spirit.

Divya Mathur Poet

I found Onlinegatha Quick, Professional & Cordial. It is a God sent for those who don't know the ABC of E-Books.

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