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20's The Most Formative years Of Your Life
20's The Most Formative years Of Your Life

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Our thirty century tells us twenty’s omitting years doesn’t really matter. Some term that period of life as a second adolescence, while some call it emerging adulthood. The basis for writing this book came up with my passion for the youth as I can’t help but notice many youths make a lot of mistakes at this important and Germain part of their life. As the world keeps revolving so are new and great opportunities for youth to make the best of their lives from the beginning.This book focuses mainly on how to make the best for yourself and define your adulthood while you’re still young. 20S THE MOST FORMATIVE YEARS OF YOUR LIFE is a smart compassionate book about the years we cannot afford to miss.

Publisher : Onlinegatha

Edition : 1

ISBN : 978-81-942274-6-5

Number of Pages : 94

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Language : English

Category : Self-Help

Uploaded On : December 12,2019

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Vivek is a Serial Entrepreneur(Co-founded 2 startups), Author, Mentor, an experienced Business builder, People Leader, an International Public Speaker and Explorer. Currently serving as VP of Engineering and one of the business leaders at where he is building a product for a happy workforce using innovative tech(Blockchain and AI/ML) and Mentor at Nasscom. Prior to Xoxoday, Heads Mobile Engineering at ​ He is an experienced business builder & people leader, he has a strong track record of leading teams to drive multi-million $$ sales increases and sustainable, progressive growth in the competitive mobile market. A sought-after Public Speaker, Vivek has been the featured keynote at many tech conferences and summits(IAMAI, India Digital Summit, Solve For India, Mobile Growth, MongoDB, Ruby, DevOps, MetaRefresh and Dynamic Cio). ​ He is a multi-talented polyglot engineer leader deep expertise in Mobile, DevOps, Cloud Computing, Video & Web Technologies( Ruby, Go, Sinatra, Javascript, Python) a true technologist at heart. Architecting and designing complex mobile applications for more than 10 years. A mad Geek and an Explorer. When he’s not scaling the applications or servers of the Internet world, Vivek ‘unwinds’ on extreme thrill-seeking adventures from trekking to boxing.
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  • Abhishek Parihar

    Greta thoughts.

  • donaldchancey23

    Extraordinary thought thanks keep it up constantly. I am glad to see your standard. eHealtHow

  • abhi parihar

    Great book to know your Inner self

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