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Dil ka darpan by Mohinder Kumar
1 Reviews


रचनाकार कि कलम से -

काविता हो या काहानी रचनाकार कि ानकहो मे .... Read More

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Kuch Tumhari Yaad Mein by Pradeep Gupta
3 Reviews


ख्वाबो में रोज मरे
आती वो।
आ-आकर रोज मुझें,
सताती वो।
नित नयी हरकत.... Read More

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MY LOVE by Praveen Dubey
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Not Reviewed

Love between two souls doesn't means slovenliness of community.'Love is the wireless connection which transmits the feeling and pathos from a spot to other'.It is the sweetest key through which the sq.... Read More

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Love & Marriage by Krishna Tripathi
1 Reviews


It is a story that describes how a love that took birth in college days reaches the destination of marriage facing the crest and tough of life and society.... Read More

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LOVE ON GMAIL by Qais Jaunpuri
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This is a real life romance between Abia and Idris.
They can’t be together, they know it, because both are
married to someone else and both have a child. But
they don’t want t.... Read More

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TRUE DAWN by Roy Bradbury
5 Reviews


Two very lonely people, Niles and Dawn, could have never guessed that in one another, they would find the love of their life. Their mutual friend, erotic freelance writer, Sue, loved playing cupid, an.... Read More

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Romancing the Thames by Santosh Srivastava
6 Reviews


It was in my souls spiritual journey to the almighty that the authors beautiful Hindi words and thoughts transformed themselves into English expression. As I translated this passionate work of art, it.... Read More

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Aakanksha by Dhananjay Choudhary
1 Reviews


उसका यूँ रूठ के जाना
यूँ मुझसे दूर जाना
खवाबों का टूट जाना
उसका रूठ क.... Read More

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Suffused with warmth of love and passion, the novel 'Finding Love In Fifth Cross' showcase myriad variations of love, life and dreams. The story describes the journey of tough times linked to chain of.... Read More

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Deepika by Arjun Mehar & Ankur Navik
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कच्ची उम्र का प्यार, जो आंधियो और तूफानों की तरह हर टीन-ऐज लड़के या लड़की की ज.... Read More

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