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Indian desi tadka by Vaishali Tripathi
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Indian cuisine has attracted the people from world over, and the restaurants overseas are among the more popular joints the eatout, in most cities abroad. In India, you will find.... Read More

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The word positive implies affirmation, agreement or consenting to a statement. In sadness, you become happy, in death and bereavement, inside of your heart springs forth laughter, in pain, you beam wi.... Read More

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Sabhi vikalp khule hai by Alankar Rastogi
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लेखक के पहले ही व्यंग्य संग्रह ‘खुदा झूठ न लिखवाये’ को बेस्ट सेलर बना कर पाठ.... Read More

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The President And I by Joachim Schmidt
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This book explores the properties of space travel in the vicinity of strong gravitational fields. It is a concept approved by the American government. The book presents this concept to a general publi.... Read More

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Wings of Imagination by azka masih
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Its a collection of 16 stories by me, a girl student of 11 years old..... Read More

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