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Amar lekha " SOTI NA ASOTI" ei boiti te somaj prosuto kotakhher kichu songoto jobab bornito hoyeche.

Publisher : Onlinegatha

Edition : 1

Binding Type : Paperback

Paper Type : creme

Language : Bengali

Category : Fiction

Uploaded On : September 15,2014

Chandraja Bhattacharyya is an MBA , Researcher , Author. This book is intended to disclose the inner touch for employee existence in the organization.Employee motivation is the key part for developing a business successfully.The internal philosophy of this book is to create awareness in the organization and make it crystal clear to reveal the fact that the employees are the source for achieving success and you need to change your mind frame to secure the employees with different motivational techniques. Organizations generally follow some theories to handle the employees. However a number of understandings are to be evolved for the integrity and development of the employees.
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  • sumit

    very nice :-)

Paperback : 143 INR

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