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The internal philosophy of this book is to create awareness

in the organization and make it crystal clear to reveal the fact that the employees are the source

for achieving success and you need to change your mind frame to secure the employees with

different motivational techniques.

Publisher : Onlinegatha

Edition : 1

Weight : 190 gm

Binding Type : Paperback

Paper Type : creme

Language : English

Category : Academic

Uploaded On : September 12,2014

Chandraja Bhattacharyya is an MBA, Researcher, Author
Customer Reviews
  • Pari Vikram

    employee motivation is good this, and i am sure that if you will take this book, then you will understand that how to motivate your employee.

  • Manisha Sahu

    perfect book to motivate your employee

  • Ramesh Thakur

    gift this book to your employee,

  • Rita Rai

    good book for employee motivation program.

  • sumit

    superb article

Paperback : 150 INR

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