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How a Teenager Fell In Love with Healthy Eating
How a Teenager Fell In Love with Healthy Eating

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Uploaded On: September 11,2017

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How I Fell In Love With Healthy Eating does not share
healthy recipes or a ton of different nutritional facts as
you can already get sufficient information with the click
of a button through Google - why bore everyone with
more? However, I will still share the most breathtaking
facts. Instead of providing nutritional facts, I will ask
questions that usually do not come to the mind of the
average teen. These questions are meant to trigger and
reach the subconscious mind of a teen and force them
to start considering the types of foods they put into
their bodies. Throughout this book, I will add a dash of
nutritional facts to strengthen my arguments.

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Uploaded On : September 11,2017

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