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Life Secrets
Life Secrets

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ISBN : 978-9386447166

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Life Secrets is all about how we human beings need to stay united come what may as the only weapon we human beings have with us to face any obstacles in our life is unity. We are all aware about our strengths but still fear to show it because of our so called society norms and that is why we become victim of crime which we may not have commited.
The 3 articles has its own way to appeal people that we can do everything it is only matter of try. The contents of book are so simple and meaningful .It will actually make you feel that all we human beings need is love, support from our loved ones for there is nothing in the world which can make one feel happy without this three.

Publisher : Rigi Publication

Edition : 1

ISBN : 978-9386447166

Number of Pages : 26

Weight : 150 gm

Binding Type : Paperback

Paper Type : Cream Paper(58 GSM)

Language : English

Category : Self-Help

Uploaded On : May 24,2017

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Paperback : 90 INR

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