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The Ramayana And Its Essence for a successful Living
The Ramayana And Its Essence for a successful Living

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The Ramayana has most often been looked at as a religious story. The valuable hidden messages are seldom understood because most books are a translation of the great sage Valmiki’s work. However, if one studies it with an analytical approach, the powerful tools for success and happiness can be acquired.
The author has tried to bring out the nuances of the epic. The epic has been discussed with analyses following each significant event. This book being written in simple language is fit for people of all age groups including children. The hidden messages in the story like the code of conduct for harmonious living, the route to happiness, the discipline one has to follow in handling relationships etc. have all been explained in very short paragraphs. This book is not meant for a one time reading; rather it has to be read again and again till message goes into the flesh and blood of a person.
The author hopes that the readers will upgrade themselves to a higher plane and apply their intellect to delve into the message.

Publisher : Onlinegatha

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ISBN : 978-93-86352-70-5

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