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I am a teacher by profession and enjoy teaching English and History. Teaching is not just a job for me but a passion. I love my students very much. Other than my love for music, travelling, photography, shopping, jewellery etc., I love to write. I have been writing since my school days when I was in class 11th. Most of my poems are dedicated to my late father; others are about love, relations etc. My poems, articles, stories have also been published in Hindustan Times, Times Of India.

I hope that my poems will get the love, support and motivation of my readers and elders which will help me to write more and emerge as a good author/poet.

Publisher : Onlinegatha

Edition : 1

ISBN : 978-93-86352-07-1

Number of Pages : 47

Weight : 145 gm

Binding Type : Ebook , Hardcopy

Paper Type : Cream Paper(58 GSM)

Language : English

Category : Fiction

Uploaded On : November 19,2016

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Mamta Chandel is a poet/author who has been writing since her school days. Other than writing books, she bears the responsibility of a teacher and a single mother on her shoulder. She is the true inspiration and example of how to make lemonade if life gives you lemon.
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