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How to always be positive in life
How to always be positive in life

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The word positive implies affirmation, agreement or consenting to a statement. In sadness, you become happy, in death and bereavement, inside of your heart springs forth laughter, in pain, you beam with delight. In sorrows and disgust, you embrace hope and where there is no way at all, you speak of a way in the wilderness and of rivers in the desert.
In barrenness, you speak life, a fountain of life and the birth of a new soul and a new beginning.
How to always be positive in life and live again and again introduces you to self-motivational ingredients to help you overcome permanently the negative forces of this dark world.

Publisher : Onlinegatha

Edition : 1

ISBN : 978-0-620-67816-2

Number of Pages : 64

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Language : English

Category : Nonfiction

Uploaded On : November 9,2016

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