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I am very grateful to all the people who have played a direct or indirect role in the completion of my book. Mostly, I would like to thank my late father Mr. Shyam Singh Yadav, who in his time, encouraged me to write and also tried to get my poems published earlier.
His absence has deeply influenced my life, and has somehow furnished me to change what is bad. I hope that his efforts did not go in vain.
I would also like to thank my mother Mrs. Sunita Yadav for believing in my work and supporting me. Because of her, I have learnt to face life without fear and proceed towards goodness with hope.
It is because of the efforts of everyone that led to the completion of the book, and for that I am heartily thankful.
The title of the book – ‘Fleeting Wisdom’ was actually an idea for a distorting world. A world full of suffering and hatred But during the course of its completion, I fell in love with God and started writing about religion and spiritual awakening.
Love became the motive.
I read Ram Dass’s book – Be Here Now, and was inspired by both its creativity and its teachings. I recommend everyone to read his book.
Although my life is at the threshold, but still I want to help improve the world and make it a better place. And as my thought suggests – With God we are One, I humbly present my work before Him.
My book actually is a little journey of my life, a little lesson for my mind and a permanent blessing from God.
I hope that it will be loved.

Publisher : Onlinegatha

Edition : 1

ISBN : 978-93-86352-11-8

Number of Pages : 78

Weight : 95 gm

Binding Type : Ebook , Paperback

Paper Type : Cream Paper(58 GSM)

Language : English

Category : Poetry

Uploaded On : October 28,2016

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ayush yadav is a student of 12th standard studying in City Montessori School, Lucknow. Inspired by the poets like Emily Dickinson, Walt Whitman and William Wordsworth, he began writing poems at the tinder age of 14. At starting he use to write about the miserable and tragic notes but with the passage of time he began to write about the spirituality and religion.
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Customer Reviews
  • Sushant Yadav

    The short poems were just perfect. They moved me!

  • Ayush Yadav

    A great poetry book.

Ebook : 30 INR

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