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Love between two souls doesn't means slovenliness of community.'Love is the wireless connection which transmits the feeling and pathos from a spot to other'.It is the sweetest key through which the squalor of societies are drawn to death. In very little years of my age,i found writing as the best way to enlighten the thinking of dull personalities, who is still in the obscurity of illiteracy.Hoping the transshipment into the reflection of guild peoples,i produce a small scripture of "love". It is struggling ,romantic love story, in which two souls fall in love without thinking about the clamber they have to face in their life. What can you say, if a die heard "LOVER" is asked to go away from the life of his mistress inspite of achieving the demand for their marriage? After a lot of labor and diligence the boy completes requisition of girl's father, but still he was asked to leave her just because of "CAST DIFFERENCE". "LOVE IS SPIRITUAL STICH,WHICH IS FADELESS. IT ONLY HAPPENS SEARCHING THE HEART FULL OF LOVE, REMAINING TRANSCENDENT FROM PERCEIVING THE CAST AND APPAREL" BY:- PRAVEEN DUBEY

Publisher : Rigi Publication

Edition : 1

ISBN : 978-81-907513-5-3

Number of Pages : 122

Binding Type : Ebook , Paperback

Paper Type : Cream Paper(58 GSM)

Language : English

Category : Romance

Uploaded On : July 4,2016

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I am B.Tech student of Manav Rachna university, Faridabad, Delhi and alumnus of Saint Paul's school Gorakhpur. I belong to a farmer family.I mainly have the keen interest in dispatching the filthy thoughts,which are ruining the laity.Facing a lot of trouble in my small span of life,i came to Delhi in search of achievement of my goal. I am basically interested in listening romantic music and playing cricket.In free hours of my course study,i use to write for conveying the utilitarian message to people for fetching a change in scenario of India. You can figure out the cruelty of society and low leveled thinking which is still persisting into the mind of people. I don't have any hobby because as per my thoughts:- "HOBBY IS THE THING WHICH SPOILS THE PROSPECTIVENESS OF A MAN, IN ORDER TO INTEGRATE IT"

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