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A Guide to Mind Building
A Guide to Mind Building

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•The success of your career is directly proportional to how serious you are about achieving concentration by following the hints and tips given in this book. There is, however, nothing that you cannot adhere to, nor is it tough and time consuming to adopt while it is a matter of self-discipline and self-accountability.”
•“Neuro scientists have estimated that the human retina can process a mind boggling data at the rate of 10 million bits per second! I think it justifies the statement ‘a picture conveys a 1000 words’.”
•Mind being a ‘thinking factory’, it has tremendous capacity to think. Perhaps, the most intelligent person that we can think of could be possibly using just a very small percentage of the thinking capacity. Neuroscientists estimate that if the feeble electrical currents associated with the intellectual activity was deployed, perhaps it can turn in circles inside our skull and they would make something like 500 million revolutions per second! Astonishing!”

Publisher : Onlinegatha

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ISBN : 978-93-86163-37-0

Number of Pages : 84

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I was a Technocrat for over four decades in the areas of Power Electronics and ITES which gave me hands-on experience and exposure to techno-commercial administration. Thus the operations were customer-centric and customer delight issues in a highly challenging and competitive environment and high rate of technological obsolescence. Crisis management on all fronts threw challenges every moment, right through. The tough life was indeed a special gift of God. The value of God’s gift is now being realized post entrepreneurship. Spiritual bent of mind by birth and strict moral and mind discipline followed by spiritual practice has always given tremendous strength right through. The result of practical experience and exposure has thus culminated in authoring the books titled “95%+ SUCCESS – A Guide to MIND BUILDING” and “FASTEN YOUR MIND TO EXCEL – An insight into Mind Lab”. Therefore, the contents of the books are practical to implement and is a walk through of human life.
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