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ISBN : 978-93-85818-23-3

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“Armpit Adventurers” is the third book in the Sensuous Games People Play.
This Series describes differentiated erotic experiences and is as hot as it is controversial. “Armpit Adventurers,” is the story of business women Vaishali Sinha. Buffetedby early life traumas Vaishali gives up her studies and sets up a boutique. She has a huge libido and her life sexless. Her position, wealth and strong character frighten men. She knows this and also needs to protect her reputation and her secrets. Armpit loving is what gives her a sexual high and once she is aroused she is ready for natural man woman sex. She ends up commanding her sexual partners.
She builds her business into money spinning engine. Work has been her passion. When her desires become persistent and begin to haunt her. She gets caught in a cycle and longs for that elusive quality. She yearns for marriage but she knows that it will remain a dream. Her boutique adds sex enhancement products. Her business is thriving. A rich, cultured, successful woman she is a prisoner of her success and more often than not sleeps alone.
She converts her upstairs store room into a tastefully concealed boudoir. She lets it out to her clients discretely. One day she and her manageress espy a middle aged couple across the street making love where they engage in armpit sex. She is strongly aroused. This is a moment of truth for her. Where will she find a man who will be a willing slave? She has far too many requirements. Should she use the various online sites looking for a virile strongly sexed male partial to armpit sexing?
Sacking a thieving female worker who instigates the local police constable to blackmail her, she complains to the Superintendent of Police who happens to be another armpit aesthete and suddenly her sex life becomes active like never before. He gets her invited to the Governor’s exclusive musical soiree where she meetsRavi a rich businessman and leader of a group of hedonists.
Listening to Vaishali talk about her business and her belief that her business had potential Ravi advises her to engage management consultants. She gets busy working with her consultants who confirm her beliefs and chalk out a plan for expanding her business. After the Consultants complete their work her sexual existentialism begins to gnaw her.
She has a fling with Ravi which she considers as one of her finest. She knows that she might tire of him and her period of celibacy begin anew which lasts many months. She will be deeply engrossed in her work till she gets desperate and her manhunt would begin.

Publisher : Onlinegatha

Edition : 1

ISBN : 978-93-85818-23-3

Number of Pages : 89

Weight : 190 gm

Binding Type : Ebook , Paperback

Paper Type : Cream Paper(70 GSM)

Language : English

Category : Erotic

Uploaded On : December 8,2015

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RamaurShyam or simply Ram is a pseudo name of a versatile person. Having spent many years in software industry and traveled extensively he became a serial entrepreneur and after 6 years he gave up all and took to full time writing. He has been a personal coach, is a yoga and pranayama practitioner. He writes on a variety of subjects – real fiction, spiritualism, governance issues and fantasies. He has many interests and the idea of this series came up chatting on the net. He could not forget that many creative people film writers, directors, business leaders and lawyers have attempted the same in addition to their main stream work. He is sports enthusiast and meditates.
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Customer Reviews
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  • Rukhsana Khatoon

    I had a great time reading it. Try it and you may more likely enjoy it also. Don’t go for the heading it is the story of a sensitive thinking and hardworking business woman who sets up a business empire on her own and she is as strong in creating iut as she is with her lovers.

  • Rita Rai

    Devinder Sharma is laboring to say what is good for a woman is equally good for a man but in his sex drenched descriptions toils to say men and women are different without enumerating the why. It is not a fault but confusion at times as Vaishali is workaholic or a nymph. Since this is her fantasy let it rest at that but it makes a good story and gave me the goose berries reading it.

  • Suresh Singh

    Devinder Sharma continuing with his Series “The Sensual Games People Play” is out with his third book in the series. These are facts of life but to put them together must have been a challenge to ensure newness and difference from the other books in the series. I wonder if the books had any order but I settled on this as my first book and thoroughly enjoyed the life and times of Vaishali. Good, exciting book.

Ebook : 80 INR

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