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Sly Amour in Public Places
Sly Amour in Public Places

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ISBN : 978-93-85818-20-2

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Sly Amour in Public Places, is the second book in the series, Sensuous Games People Play.

This Series describes differentiated erotic experiences and is as hot as it is controversial. There are no rules for what is controversial. It is simply one’s sense. The stories, incidents and tales of sexual gratification with favorite sensibilities are the stuff off the series.

“Sly Amour in Public Places” is the story of two women Naina and Bipasha who seek fleeting anonymous sex with strangers in public places. Bipasha is older and fate brings them together. They work in a foreign bank. Its Naina’s first job and she is considered a model employee. People in the bank think she has sacrificed marriage and private lifeby her dedication to the bank.

As things would have it she remains unmarried in spite of many efforts. Her sexual desires torment her. Her peculiar circumstances and her strong desire lead her to find sex in the only way she can and becomes an expert at that. Bipasha is caught in a loveless, sexless and a hopeless marriage with her appetite for sex prodigious.

Both seek sexual escapades in unlikely crowded public places and know being women they can get away with almost anything. Short fleeting sex with strangers in public places like buses, trains, public concerts etc. are fair for them. They discuss their exploits and exchange notes on their games. They are die hard frotteurs.

In her dreams she sees herself being accused by a woman of spoiling her husband. They are recurring and Naina feels extremely guilty. She finally seeks the help of a psychiatrist, who assures her that she is very normal with her sexual desires. He tells her that 50 % of people in the world harbor such desires and many of them seek such opportunities. Some bottle their urges, others await the other’s move but experts know when the connection is right.

Reassured she continues wih her exploits. She and her friend have developed the faculty to identify men whom they can have eating out of their hands. They call their potential partners “Marks”. They know all the tricks of these games and start and stop at their will.

Naina as a reward for her work ethics and loyalty is sent on a short time assignment to London the bank’s headquarters. She sees frottage there and her being different make her attractive. Naina without knowing seduces Neal in the elevator in the building her bank is situated. When she learns that he is her Departmental Head, her sense of triumph is complete. From a stranger in the elevator she plays and teases him and forces him to become her sexual slave in his cabin is something her wildest imagination could only conjure. She experiences her first real naked sexual experience.

Naina’ and Bipasha’s man hunting in a concert by the American singer Brian Adams launches them into a session that is unique for its setting and the rapport they establish and after them unabashedly orgasm without knowing their partners names is probably the nirvana of frotteurs.

The author providesa peep into the secret world of frotteurs and exciting time you can have between the covers of a book.

Publisher : Onlinegatha

Edition : 1

ISBN : 978-93-85818-20-2

Number of Pages : 174

Weight : 260 gm

Binding Type : Ebook , Paperback

Paper Type : creme

Language : English

Category : Erotic

Uploaded On : December 3,2015

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RamaurShyam or simply Ram is a pseudo name of a versatile person. Having spent many years in software industry and traveled extensively he became a serial entrepreneur and after 6 years he gave up all and took to full time writing. He has been a personal coach, is a yoga and pranayama practitioner. He writes on a variety of subjects – real fiction, spiritualism, governance issues and fantasies. He has many interests and the idea of this series came up chatting on the net. He could not forget that many creative people film writers, directors, business leaders and lawyers have attempted the same in addition to their main stream work. He is sports enthusiast and meditates.
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Customer Reviews
  • Ramesh Thakur

    To make a story of something taboo and pass it off as a creative work is of course credit worthy. Since glancing it I wondered what would be the split of males and females going through it. When I raised the possibility of proportional preferences with a friend she is an avid reader, who thought for a moment and said equal – equal. Interesting. To know it read it yourself.

  • Manisha Sahu

    I am a retired school teacher and have lived in Delhi, Calcutta and Bombay amongst other cities due to my husband’s transferable job. I have used buses in all these cities and have experienced such groping but never encouraged it and once I put my foot down never bothered. I have known other women who have experienced it and some have enjoyed mostly young. I was shocked that 50 % of men and women would like to indulge in this anonymous sexual rubbing but only a quarter of that indulges in it and happy doing it. It takes all to make the world. Reading it as a story set my mind wandering. I did not find anything imaginative but situations determine it.

  • Tej Kumar

    What a sly book? Meaning it informs you beforehand what you can expect. Participatory sex anonymously. It does not disappoint you. Maybe it is the commentary on our current busy lives. Worth a quick go through it once. New ideas? Find out for yourself.

  • Pari Vikram

    Frottage has always been present throughout man’s history in some form or the other. That it exists today is nothing exceptional or new. But sly Amour in Public Places makes it amongst strangers in public places a forbidden and for some a delicious adventure. The name is apt because for Vaishali and Bipasha these games are adventures, a new one whenever they want it. The information that 50 % of people, I think is talking about modern people in big cities in open societies, harbor hidden or on the surface frottage desires is revealing. I think it is an mirror to our culture. Who knows? The book is exciting, informative and turning on one.

  • Shubhra Singh

    Great one purchased the copy for ebook :)

Ebook : 62 INR

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