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Ripples of GANGA (A Play in SEVEN Acts)
Ripples of GANGA (A Play in SEVEN Acts)

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In the so-called literary communities of our society perhaps extinguishing rapidly, there is bleak hope to rejuvenate the public by means of sublime literatures. What to speak of the dormant intelligentsia ideally expected to breathe life in and calcifically strengthen the polio-affected bones of the continually degenerating people, the global politics is ever striving, adversely and negatively, to bring about a jungle raj in every nook and corner! The extant society is expressly galloping backward towards the inestimable old ages where the muscles survived immortally and benedictorily, and the cannibals and vampires tamed the weak and down-trodden for their delicious foods, sexual gratifications and social dominances. Actually, the present civilization is the replica of that civilization at which we mock meaninglessly thinking that ours is a highly sophisticated world. In my opinion, the gone-by civilization was far better because even the muscle men could sometimes be coaxed favourably to create an ideal world replete with numerous examples of such adorable personalities as spent their strengths and powers to nurture the weak and repair the muscles of the diseased. Now a days, we can have rarely an example of such personality. We are, sometimes, hoaxed by the emergence of some personality, and feel thrilled that we are soon to be redeemed; but at the next moment what we see that the same person is converting to be a bloody scoundrel.

Publisher : Onlinegatha

Edition : 1

Number of Pages : 114

Binding Type : Ebook

Paper Type : creme

Language : English

Category : Novel

Uploaded On : December 3,2015

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*Name : Dr. Manoj Mokshendra (as a writer previously known as Dr. Manoj Srivastav) *Place of Birth: District: Varanasi, State: U.P., Country: INDIA *Father's Name: (Late) Shri. L.P. Srivastav *Mother's Name: (Late) Mrs. Vidya Srivastav *Education: M.A. (English) from B.H.U. Varanasi; Ph.D. from B.H.U. Topic of Ph.D.: 'Eugene O'Neill's Plays: a Study in the Oriental Strain' *Published Works (in Hindi): Pagadandiyan, Chahata Hoon Pagal Bheed and Ekant mein Bheer se Muthbher-- collections of Hindi poems, Aql ka falsafa--a collection of satires, Pagli ka Inqlab, Dharma Chakra Raj Chakra and Premdansh--collections of Hindi stories, Apoorna and Yug Katha--compilations of stories by reputed authors; Poesy along the Footpath, a collection of English poems; Adamaha (a collection of Hindi dramas) *Edited a collection of critical essays related to Dr. Mahendra Bhatnagar, a renowned poet since the Romantic Ages *Broadcast of stories, satires from All India Radio *Works under Publication: Ten Children's dramas; some one-acters (natikayein) in Hindi; Manovaigyanik Pariprekshya mein Rajbhasha Hindi--a critical book on Official Language, Hindi; Doosarey Angrez--Hindi novel; The Loving Ghostyard, children's novel in English *published in the internet anthologies, magazines, such as, Kavita Kosh, Gadya Kosh, Apni Maati, Abhivyakti, Rachnakar, Anhad Kruti, Shbda Vyanjana, Anubhuti, Srijangatha, Poorvabhas, sight of Antar-rashtriya Hindi Vishwavidyalay, Wardh, etc. *Some dramas have been staged *Recipient of literary honors and prizes *Advisor to the Hindi magazine--'We Witness' (Hindi monthly) *Ex-editor of Nutan Pratibimb--a Hindi magazine of Parliament of India *Profusely published in renowned magazines and papers of India *Selected as an Assistant Professor (English Literature) in Govt. P.G. College of the State Uttaranchal, but did not Join in 1998 *Worked as a Translator in the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Govt. of India *Presently working as a Class-I Gazetted Officer in Parliament of India
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