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Foot Lovers
Foot Lovers

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ISBN : 978-93-85818-19-6

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The Foot Lovers traces the story of Manish Malhotra as the school boy and follows him through his life as a diehard foot fetishist. It is his story and therefore written from his point of view, and women will enjoy them splendidly for no foot fetish is complete without the male female combination. There could be different combinations but that’s what the book avoids. Sexy, every day and not so common locales, red hot pleasure in secret ways will blow your mind and makes “The Foot Lovers” spicy and thought provoking.
From being foot seduced at 12 by a woman who is his best friend’s mother and the quirky and manipulative exploitation by his mother’s sister he discovers his sexual preference and styles. Initiated into the joys of sex by woman more than twice his age Manish cannot forget his exploitation till he learns from a scholarly psychiatrist that what he considers perverse is normal and his desires are normal and acceptable. This rids him of his guilt.
After qualifying as a photographer one of his photo essay of Indian female feet for a celebrated German magazine not only gets him money to buy photographic equipment but brings him recognition from a celebrated film director (SB) and an entry into the Bollywood crowd.
The director is a hidden foot fetishist and encourages him in his photography assignments and arranges for him to make a portfolio for the daughter of an old film leading lady. Manish introduces Urmila to a new sensuality. Hesitant, she soon takes up the new sexual games as fish in water. He encourages her to experiment and thereby find her true identity than the other living under her mother’s control. She is bewitched and they become regular partners.
He has by now become a sought after still photographer in the film industry. His search for new thrills leads him to experiment. He is commissioned by RG an earlier age film siren to make a film on Yoga practice. One thing leads to another till she teaches him what extreme fetishism could be. He is overwhelmed and his next experience with an ex Chinese film actress, producer and businesswoman takes him to his most exacting and taxing adventure.
Ram the author provides the reader information and excitement you can have between the covers of a book. For female reader there are beautification recipes and what is tastefully possible.

Publisher : Onlinegatha

Edition : 1

ISBN : 978-93-85818-19-6

Number of Pages : 144

Weight : 220 gm

Binding Type : Ebook , Paperback

Paper Type : creme

Language : English

Category : Erotic

Uploaded On : December 2,2015

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RamaurShyamis a pseudo name. Having spent many years in software industry and traveled extensively he became a serial entrepreneur and after 6 years he gave up all and took to full time writing. He has been a personal coach, is a yoga and pranayama practitioner. He writes on a variety of subjects – real fiction, spiritualism, governance issues and fantasies. The idea of this series came up chatting on the net. He could not forget that many creative people film writers, directors, business leaders and lawyers have attempted the same in addition to their main stream work. He is sports enthusiast and meditates.
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Customer Reviews
  • Sanu Kumar

    Foot Lovers is supposed to be the first book in the series of Games Sensual People Play and after enjoying this I am waiting for the next book. I found the story believable and of course juicynarrations as it was meant to be. Overall the book is serious and clinical with deliciously descriptive narratives in between. It will perk you up when you are feeling down, depressed or stressed or deliriously happy. If you like reading and you are an all-round reader this book will not let you down.

  • Rajesh Vikram

    I have lived overseas and never expected that an Indian may touch upon such a theme. Of course there are many sex stories with outrageous sexual themes, locales and gory descriptions of sex, but this is different. Most of the times it is understated creating suspense that set your senses under check and waiting to explode and when it does it sets your pulse and blood rushing. That I am reading such erotica comparable to the best anywhere makes me happy that erotic writing in India is on the upswing. India is going through a sexual revolution where we see a new sex sensibility about wife swapping, mild kinks, teenage pregnancies, online sex search, cybersex etc. Foot Lovers is testimony to that new sexual attitudes and openness. It clearly demarcates what is decent and indecent yet paints of sexual passion in words. I thoroughly endorse it.

  • Ravi Kumar

    I bought the book not knowing what it may contain. The book description need not necessarily be the same what you might encounter when you read it. So I took a chance and was rewarded. I am thinking of buying the paper edition.

  • Mukesh Kumar

    I think the main drawback of the book is the title Foot Lovers. What do foot lovers convey? Next even if the title has to be Foot Lovers it should have been The Foot Lovers. It is a interesting story to read under a blanket. The sexual character of Manish Malhotra has been painstakingly created and made to look and feel realistic. The setting is Bollywood and why Bollywood? Wonder who are SB and RG. It is a nice good read thoroughly enjoyable though some of the descriptions are too long and winded. But, I know that in the permissive atmosphere of today people can go to great lengths for their sexual high. Recommended.

  • Shubhra Singh

    purchased and will submit my review very soon.

Ebook : 60 INR

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