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Ajay's Restlessness
Ajay's Restlessness

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Set between 1998 and 2004 when the seeds of computer software, call center industry and modern entrepreneurship were seeded. Today the world witnesses its flowering. This is about revival of the entrepreneurial instincts of a people subjugated by foreign rule for 500 years inspiring Indians to look beyond jobs and venture out.

Ajay the protagonist is a representative of “Age of Aspiration,” which he finds as a rat race and pulls away and his search for his meaning of life propels him to become a software entrepreneur. It is also a comment on the competitive middle class society of dog eats dog where ideals, morals and ethics are routinely sacrificed on the altar of becoming successful. What aspired them?Looking beyond tangibles,he sees it as a rat race without a moral compass and little ideals. If you win you still remain a rat. The novel traces the gradual maturing of the protagonist.

With a rural upbringing he is a misfit in this aspiring milieu and least likely to succeed. Can he and how? His basic goodness and upbringing helps him in negotiating the tricky environment and transforms him into a perceptive adventurer. After a listless employment and a course in computer programming he lands in Bangalore in 1998, the country’s hot software destination. He has no credentials, street smartness nor the cunningness required in the job market where supply far exceeds demand. All he has is a fierce desire to succeed. Will he? During his course he befriends Mythili and feels for her but unable to express it. Will he find true love in her?

He finds a job in an upcoming software company, whose proprietor is moved by his selfless, non-complaining, cheerful behavior. His search for excellence is genuine and childlike. Girls swoon over him and he keeps away and that increases his appeal. At a party in the proprietor’s house he meets Asha the new PRO of the Company, a Bombayite who has a past to hide and owns a hotel in Ooty. At Sushma the proprietor’s wife’s insistence he goes with her for a holiday to her hotel. He is too innocent to realize he is a victim of games being played and being seduced.

On a motorcycle ride in the hills she is touched and moved by him. He tells her about his phoenix moment. A phoenix moment is when truth dawns on you and you look back on a particular thread in your life which, often though not necessarily, is a series of misfortunes or uncomfortable moments. The new understanding that comes offers a reason for this chain and the truth that emerges suggests appropriate responses which are new goals and thinking. His phoenix moment is after his girlfriend passes away in Delhi. What is his new resolve?

At a young age he is made the head of new department for solving the software millennium problem, the biggest hoax of the century. He works hard, travels as the Company’s troubleshooter till he decides to venture and build a global business in Elegant programming a little known methodology for creating software.

Meanwhile his Company is facing life threatening crises. Does he understand their reasons? Can he fix them? During a visit to Ooty he comes across two sheets of paper, deciphering them he smokes the proprietor’s money laundering business, enrolls government’s law enforcing agency and guns for justice.

Packed with developments that created the software landscape of the country, the practice of oneness, the necessity of focus for success, true understanding of desire and its management, phoenix moments that generate the sensibility to relook at one’s own life and thereby the extinction of suffering and knowledge and secret of his existence while engaging with the world are themes that run through the book.

“Ajay’s Restlessness”, is realistic fiction. There are countries trying to grow their software and call center industries, English speaking youngsters, new age entrepreneurs, those working with intellectual property, readers of thrillers and mysteries will find it engaging.

Publisher : Onlinegatha

Edition : 1

ISBN : 978-93-85818-18-9

Number of Pages : 662

Weight : 497 gm

Binding Type : Ebook , Paperback

Paper Type : creme

Language : English

Category : Technology

Uploaded On : November 23,2015

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Devinder Sharma has a master’s degree in Industrial Engineering and spent many years in the IT Industry. Writer entrepreneur, consultant, yoga and pranayama practitioner and meditator he lives in Bangalore. After giving up all he is now a full time writer. He has always been interested in writing and his transition from official and technical writing to a novelist has been natural and does his best to engage, excite and inform his readers.
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Customer Reviews
  • Malcolm

    I often take joy in finding a site that offers you quality information as I like being familiar with interesting things. Often times when I have been to this particular web site I have took pleasure in the great article here. I will be certain to look for your next article.. Thanks for the fantastic posting I am going to come back soon. exchanges

  • Devendra Sharma

    First I must thank my reviewers and those who bought Ajay's Restlessness. you could have bought any other book but trusted to buy it and read it. My sincere thanks and applause for your decision. What more can you tell and encourage an author an writer than buy his or her book. To read it and then write a review is also the highest form of encouragement you can give to me. I want to hear from you my dear readers how I could make the book more exciting and interesting. What do you think I could do in terms of style, structure, development of scenarios and characters, language, plot etc. that i could improve upon. My own assessment in terms of stars is really meaningless. Your assessment is what matters which i treasure. My next book which I am enjoying and working hard is a political thriller written in blood hot anger and a commentary on the corruption in our society. If you write to me be assured of a reply. thank you once again for buying my book.

  • Akanksha Verma

    This is the first book of this writer I read and as a thriller it was a very satisfying read. The book covers a lot of ground in addition to the main themes which are the coming of age of overaged Ajay and the software industry. Ajay’s Restlessness dwells on professional ambition and rivalry, personal analysis and growth, the number two and black money economy, the housing industry and converting black to white money. What I found most endearing was the lovable Ajay. He is simple and unassuming but as you get to know him better he is principled and sophisticated thinker. Asha is just lovable and I think she is what I think society makes her. There will be many Asha’s in our society but you won’ find Ajay so easily. It could perhaps be made into a film because quite a few dialogues are filmy or from sitcoms we witness every evening. . Perhaps he can only be invented for you are not going to find him in real life. I recommend it anyone who wants an 8/10 hour exciting read with lots of information, knowledge and excitement.

  • Sonu Singh

    It is not often that you read a book about a profession in the form of a story and come out all trumps. This is what Devinder has done in Ajay’s Restlessness taking the software industry and in between built the tale of Ajay and Asha. I particularly loved his concept of a Phoenix Moment. When a person is staring at defeat or has been defeated, is an object of misunderstanding, is devastated, losses money, reputation or peace of mind than one faces a phoenix moment. The phoenix moment is supposed to visit that unfortunate person. Recognizing and accepting it is important. If you do you will be facing these moments again but if you don’t and habitually overlook or do not pay heed these moments may not come visiting you again. But what is phoenix moment? It is when truth dawns on you and you look back to see the series of your misfortunes or uncomfortable moments in the past. The new understanding that comes offers a reason for this chain and the truth that emerges suggests appropriate responses which are new goals and thinking. I would not hesitate to recommend this lovely book looking for a good exciting read and lots of new information.

  • Rajendra Sharma

    After reading Devinder Sharma’s, “Ajay’s Restlessness” what struck me was (1) He seems to know well the 1990’s and into the early 2000’s (2) The software industry intimately as it developed during this period. Maybe as he says it is a bit early to put the development and growth of the software industry and entrepreneurship in perspective but someone has to make a start and that he has done it will inspire more books on the software industry. The character of Ajay developed from a shy, gawking, awkward and simple village lad to lecturing the Prime Minister of Mauritius for a country wide computerization initiative to following his heart, mind and soul to propagate the use of Elegant Software methodology to becoming an entrepreneur was a fascinating journey. Tightly written Ajay’s Restlessness takes you into the mystical world of software business with its complexities, planned obsolescence, high margins and people business and the inner working of an entrepreneurial mind. The life and struggles of Asha who teaches him the mysteries of the flesh and whom she begins to admire and willing to go any lengths to be with him is another strong character outside but soft and sentimental inside. I particularly loved he concept of the phoenix moment. It happens in everyone’s life and how one senses it and takes corrective action is another take away from the book. Thoroughly enjoyable. I was inspired and sure many more readers will be inspired as well.

  • Shubhra Singh

    Excellent Mr devendra have gone through the book abstract and have already ordered a ebook copy and will surely give my reviews after reading it.

  • Veena Kumari

    good book

Ebook : 90 INR

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