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A Beginner’s Guide to App Marketing by Localytics
A Beginner’s Guide to App Marketing
A Beginner’s Guide to App Marketing

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ongratulations! If you’re reading this, it means you have launched a mobile app into the market, which is a big accom - plishment. It shows you know the value of investing in mobile, a channel that is growing quickly. More and more money is being spent by consumers in apps, and mobile is becoming the revenue channel we’ve expected it to be for the past few years. In fact, app store revenue is being quickly eclipsed by non-app store revenue, driven mainly by mCommerce in-app spending. The way for your brand to harness this revenue trend is to use app marketing in the same way you’ve used web marketing to improve engagement; that is, in the way web marketing has worked to improve pageviews and time on site, app marketing should track engagement through user sessions, session length and retention. Despite the prominence of mobile apps and the growth in mobile usage, app marketing is still underutilized by most marketers, and getting started with even basic programs can be a tough sell.

Publisher : Onlinegatha

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Number of Pages : 30

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Uploaded On : October 7,2015

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