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Romancing the Thames
Romancing the Thames

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It was in my souls spiritual journey to the almighty that the authors beautiful Hindi words and thoughts transformed themselves into English expression. As I translated this passionate work of art, it felt as if I was transferring the beads of the authors swarnamala onto another thread in which I crafted my own garland.

At one level stood Toms oppression, a symbol of British yoke and at another deeper level, the spiritual love of Krishn which transforms a British lady into a true Indian. Cruelty only seems to destroy the soft power of love but the eternal soul remains unscathed and merges with the divine. The pure love of Chandidas and Diana appear to surrender to Toms malice but they find their true abode and ultimate peace in Krishn, leaving behind their memories in the form of their child, Ragini. The symbolism is powerful yet delicate.

The pure love in an illegitimate relationship shatters the social mores of orthodox Indian society and culture and embellishes a relationship full of love, attachment, emotion and true Indian ethics.

Eventually, Ragini becomes a part of ISKCON which gives her immense peace of mind. As I translated this work, I could feel that it was not just the words but the emotions and imagery that were being transformed from Hindi to English. Such is the power of the imagery that I was by Raginis side wherever she went, be it the by-lanes of Mathura and Vrindavan with Krishn and Radha, or in Bombay and Calcutta with Chandidas, or at the Kumbh fair in Allahabad and Prayag. I was with her not only in India but also in aristocratic London where the river Thames flows.

Indeed, this journey has been one from source to sea, a voyage down the Thames and the saga, a song that the river sings.

Sheel Nigam

Publisher : Onlinegatha

Edition : 1

Number of Pages : 181

Binding Type : Ebook , Paperback

Paper Type : creme

Language : English

Category : Romance

Uploaded On : October 5,2015

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Mrs. Santosh Shrivastava Born: November 23, Mandla (MP) is in. And their elementary education and MA (Hindi) MA (History) BA (Journalism) B Ed got education! Writing in 1970 in the first composition published Dharmayug. Since then, 90 women exchanged stories and 1,000 articles, religion, tourism, published the names of the books are from I _ legend Sँgrh, behake Bsँt you, flowing glacier, the stories of love relationships, cerulean eyes of the season Upanyasmalvgd Malavika, tiptoe Love, the gamut of the Thames, air seawall Muttiya, love is not like other books phagun our disgrace and the mind (Fine Nibad Sँgrh), my birth mom (she exchanged), the blue waters of the poetic warmth (travel Sँsmrn) not now and not (split and edited a collection of stories written on communalism, of Babylon we Angna Torre bird (female feticide Sigrh wrote poems, edited, translated books written in other languages ​​I
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Customer Reviews
  • bavuxen

    When you drown yourself into some work that you truly feel the emotions that are inside the words. While using I read this post. I think that it was really a daring step to take in such circumstances as to go against Indian culture at that time was not something that was common at those times. So reading it while keeping the times in mind is really essential.

  • Pari Vikram

    Nice English book,

  • zoraish khan

    nice book

  • Shubhra Singh

    i am reading the book and not completed yet.Till now its awesome

  • jitendra verma

    very interesting

  • Sonu Singh

    Nice book, is this book also available in hardcopy?

  • Veena Kumari

    good book,

Ebook : 45 INR

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