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An Anthology of Indian Diaspora Writers
An Anthology of Indian Diaspora Writers

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This book is designed and styled especially to give learners a sound knowledge as well as to give exposure to a wide range about Indian Diaspora Writers in English. The material provided in this book has been presented in such a simple fashion that even a non literary reader can comprehend it easily without much strain and difficulty. Though the content makes no claim of specified originality, yet authors have used their rich experience, gained in research and teaching in the presentation and development of subject matter in the simplest possible manner. Diaspora is a major theme of writing in contemporary era; it raises questions regarding the definitions of home. Nostalgia is often the preoccupations of these writers as they seek to locate themselves in new cultures. It becomes important to question the nature of their relationship with the work of writers and literatures of the country of their origin and to examine the different strategies they adopt in order to negotiate the cultural space of the countries of their adoption. The literature of the Indian diaspora constitutes an important part of the burgeoning field of anglophone postcolonial literature.

Publisher : Onlinegatha

Edition : 1

ISBN : 978-81-931221-6-7

Number of Pages : 136

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Language : English

Category : Anthology

Uploaded On : May 30,2015

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Swati Srivastava MA, PhD, English Literature A Scholar of English Literature worked on feminist writers and diaspora writers and has PhD on Comparative studies on Bharati Mukherjee and Manju Kapur from University of Lucknow, India. She has authored a number of papers published in various renowned journals on Comparative Literature and Postcolonial writings. Author has also attached with teaching English since 8 years in undergraduate classes.
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    Reader will enjoy this book

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    nice book

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