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A comparative dictionary of Hindi and Urdu by Anand Kumar
A comparative dictionary of Hindi and Urdu
A comparative dictionary of Hindi and Urdu

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Hindi and Urdu are considered �sister languages�. Although they are written in different scripts, they share the same grammar, syntax and vocabulary. However, in registers such as literature, legislation, administration and religion, the lexical differences between these two languages become obvious. Hindi frequently draws on Sanskrit whereas Urdu borrows words from Arabic and Persian. This dictionary aims at presenting the lexical differences between Hindi and Urdu in formal contexts.
This work is divided into two parts: the first one consists of English words with their Hindi and Urdu translation. The second half of the dictionary lists Hindi words in alphabetical order followed by their Urdu counterparts. The Devanagari script is used for both Hindi and Urdu words.

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ISBN : 978-81-931221-7-4

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