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Secrets of RSS
Secrets of RSS

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Narendra Modi, the present Prime Minister of India, is a true blue RSS (Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh or National Volunteers Organization) swayamsevak or volunteer. More importantly, he is a product of prachaarak system, a unique institution of RSS. More than his election campaigns, his conduct after becoming the Prime Minister really tells us how a responsible RSS worker and prachaarak responds to any responsibility he is entrusted with. His rise is also illustrative example of submission by author in this book that RSS has been able to design a system that can create ‘extraordinary achievers out of ordinary people’. When the first edition of Secrets of RSS was released, air was thick with motivated propaganda about ‘Saffron terror’ and RSS was the favourite whipping boy as the face of ‘Hindu fascism’. Now as the second edition is ready for release, environment has transformed radically. Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) an offspring of RSS has come in power with absolute majority. RSS Chief’s address on its foundation day was telecast live by a number of national TV channels for the first time in its 89 year history. It is amazing that not much is known about Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) inspite of being one of the oldest mass Indian organizations, being around for nine decades and widely accepted as the largest NGO in the world. People have only half baked information about it. While critics blame this lack of information on the secretive ways of RSS, RSS volunteers believe that these critics don’t really wish to understand its working that is quite different from other organization, or its philosophy as that too goes against the established norms of ideological discourse in India; heavily influenced as it is by dominant elite brought up on western world view of culture, nationalism and social organizations. The noise created by media also vitiates the view of ordinary lay people. This book tries to rip off the so called veil of secrecy around RSS with its easy flowing narration that is peppered with live examples and anecdotes from a person who has worked at various levels of the organization for nearly four decades, yet has managed to take a non-partisan view on some of the controversial issue. It is probably the first time that an attempt has been made at comprehensive 3600 view of RSS in a single book that covers not just RSS philosophy but also its organizational structure, its working; information about its little understood systems like its Prachaarak system, its Prayer, its Constitution etc. It talks about working of its ‘Shaakhaas’ that look so simple and yet produce leading organizers, managers and leaders. It gives a glimpse of manifestation of this philosophy that has created thousands of organizations covering nearly the entire spectrum of socio-political action across India. The annexure throws light on some crucial days in this organization’s history, namely 1942, 1947 and 1948 including Gandhiji’s assassination. The first edition gathered good amount of accolades for the scope this work and objective presentation. ‘Secrets of RSS’ is useful to both well wishers and critics alike with its comprehensive bird’s eye view of this huge organization.

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Writer, Editor, Publisher, Translator apart from being ERP consultant. Have converted many writers into authors. Edited, translated or published 16 books so far in English and Hindi. Irregular columnist on. Author of 'Secrets of RSS' first comprehensive look at RSS; biographer of Prof Rajendra Singh - 4th RSS Chief.
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  • Shubhra Singh


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Ebook : 55 INR

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