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The Secrecy
The Secrecy

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ISBN : 978-93-86915-76-4

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The Secrecy” explores the dark shades of being a secret agent, the life and dangers a secret agent faces in his/her life. The book presents a thrilling account of life beyond call of duty and all it takes to get the job done. Set in the background of a global outbreak of war, the story revolves around a brave and courageous secret agent, who fight all battles to unmask the demon hiding in the dark. Undoubtedly, the book is a must read for all who dare and think beyond the normal.

Publisher : Onlinegatha

Edition : 1

ISBN : 978-93-86915-76-4

Number of Pages : 226

Binding Type : Ebook , Paperback

Paper Type : Cream Paper(70 GSM)

Language : English

Category : Fiction

Uploaded On : March 15,2019

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Amidst his desires of realizing where he stands in the world and what does this world mean to him, Agent 12 embarks on a voyage to find his true self, after he is subjected to the loss of the only one, he seems to have concerns for. But the brainwashed professional assassin soon discovers that what lies at stake is not his life but that of the whole world. Annex to this story of vengeance, fear, remorse and adventure and find out what happens.
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Customer Reviews
  • Taylor Bell

    Commissioner Michael Harrison uncovered to The Baltimore Sun in the midst of an open social event.The information and attestation centers it was anything but a drifter," Harrison revealed to The Sun.

  • Elina Dolgorukova

    Thanks for making such a cool project. I've been checking the site for the Windows version, but I never left a comment about it. I know you are working hard and doing it for free so you shouldn't feel rushed or anything. I hope you can continue this type of hard work to this site in future also. Because this reviews blog is really very informative and it helps me lot.

Ebook : 50 INR

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