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The much elusive manuscript of English Sonnets by Kunwar Viyogi came to me weeks ago and threw open the floodgates of emotion. I met "ME" in those pages; those pages were Him; and our home, - it was "US", him, my mother, my two siblings ,our bickering and laughter. The way we were, the way we were not and the way we ought to have been. I stare across the chasm of nearly four decades as I read through and reach out to poignancy of moments lived and strung in sublime verse. In its universal realm the reader will find himself in this poetic tapestry.

Publisher : Onlinegatha

Edition : 1

ISBN : 978-93-86915-55-9

Number of Pages : 435

Binding Type : Ebook

Paper Type : Cream Paper(58 GSM)

Language : English

Category : Family

Uploaded On : February 27,2019

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Ebook : 250 INR

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