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In the gather of life, thoughts are never straight.
They are psychedelic. It is said. The most difficult
is to control your mind. It wavers every second
along the eerie ways of time. It has no standard fix,
mix or a paradigm. It can gallivant from
remembering your mother to what is right an what
is wrong, to the core of your mysterious conscience
supposed to be the God‘s sign-on, to the weather
and even the corporate rat-race that you might be
running over a period of time.

Publisher : Onlinegatha

Edition : 1

ISBN : 9789386915689

Number of Pages : 182

Binding Type : Ebook

Paper Type : Cream Paper(70 GSM)

Language : English

Category : Poetry

Uploaded On : November 16,2018

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Kamlesh Tripathi has served the corporate world for more than 36 years. He has worked for public limited companies like Mahindra & Mahindra, Escorts, Reliance Industries and Reliance Retail. During his long career, he has held many important and senior positions, last being that of a VicePresident. He Page | vii Archives of Canada; and library of Cancer, aid and Research Foundation, Mumbai. His second title, ‗ONE TO TANGO … RIA‘ SODYSSEY‘ is on ‗singlehood‘ a topic quite relevant in contemporary times and a burning social issue. This book is catalogued in Connemara Public Library, Chennai and Delhi Public Library, under Ministry of Culture, GOI, New Delhi. He is nostalgic about his home town Lucknow. So, as a mark of respect he has penned his third title, ‗AADAB-LUCKNOW … FOND MEMORIES‘ in the honour of this great city of Nawabs. This book was launched in Lucknow International Literary Festival in 2014. His fourth title ‗REFRACTIONS … FROM THE PRISM OF GOD‘ is a real-life story of a three time, young, cancer patient from South India and his battle with the dreaded disease. The book was endorsed by Ms Preetha Reddy, MD, Apollo Hospitals Group and was launched in Lucknow International Literary Festival, in 2016. His fifth title ‗TYPICAL TALE OF AN INDIAN SALESMAN‘ is all about an Indian salesman who doesn‘t have any, Ivy league qualification. Yet he rises in his career through sheer hard work, and that, indeed is the story of most salesmen in India. Kamlesh lives with his wife Sujata, daughter-in-law Prachi and son Kartik. Loves reading and is a Page | viii passionate blogger, enjoys music and is a golfer. He is a life member of Lucknow Golf Club, Lucknow and Aravali Golf Club, Faridabad and an alumnus of IIM (MDP) Ahmedabad. He has lived in Shillong, Lucknow, Delhi-NCR, Jaipur, Chennai and Mumbai. He has also travelled extensively, both in India and overseas. He also runs an NGO by the name of, ‗SHRAVAN CHARITY MISSION‘ that works for poor children suffering from life-threatening diseases. Just recently it was felicitated by Apollo Hospitals Group. The proceeds of this book would only be spent on such unfortunate children. You can reach the author at: E-mail:
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