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Quotes for all occasions
Quotes for all occasions

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Quotations are timeless wisdom which are a source of immense pleasure to the readers. They can be constructively incorporated to enhance effect in an article and speech used in everyday life. Through centuries these priceless gems have transcended generations and continued to inspire us. This book contains celebrated lines from famous personalities along with their portraits and caricatures. A Separate section has been dedicated for anonymous quotes at the end of the book along with the index containing myriad of topics arranged alphabetically to help the readers to select them conveniently.

Publisher : Onlinegatha

Edition : 1

Number of Pages : 162

Weight : 60 gm

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Language : English

Category : Self-Help

Uploaded On : October 16,2018

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  • Charlyn

    There are some really interesting quotes in this book. I got to know about it when I read the edubirdie review about it so I just went and bought it as a gift for my sister for her birthday.

Ebook : 60 INR

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