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Top Borer Of Sugarcane
Top Borer Of Sugarcane

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Top borer, Scirpophaga excerptalis (Walker) is the most important and problematic insect pests of sugarcane with an all India foot print. In fact, in the subtropical sugarcane belt of India,it is the number one insect pests’ problem of sugarcane that warrants one blanket application of insecticides in June for its containment. The silvery white moth in the sugarcane agro-ecosystem is easily identifiable in contrast to other moth borers.The Top borer moth was first described by Walker in 1863 as Chilo excerptalis Walker while studying a insect collection of Mr. Steven from north India (maintained at the British Museum). The current accepted name of Top borer of sugarcane is Scirpophaga excerptalis (Walker) as settled by Madam Angoon Lewvanich (1981), while revising the genus Scirpophaga, wherein she categorically explained that Scirpophaga nivella is a pest of rice and not a pest of sugarcane. This book on Top borer of sugarcane is a landmark publication in the field of Sugarcane Entomology and it is a trend setter in the field of practical Entomology. So far, no author has attempted to publish such detailed information on an individual insect pest of any crop and that too with vivid photographs, representing each and every aspects morphology, taxonomy, different developmental stages in the lifecycle, symptoms of infestation, bio-agents etc. The book is a virtual visual treat of a Lepidopteran insect for the students, researchers and the teachers who are interested in the subject of Entomology in general and Sugarcane Entomology in particular. This book will also be helpful to the sugarcane farmers, cane development workers, extension specialists and millers to understand the ways and means to contain the top borer menace for its effective and efficient management. Dr. Duttamajumder is well respected sugarcane crop protection specialist of National and International fame. He was an outstanding student throughout his education days. He did his both Masters’ and Doctoral studies at the Indian Agricultural Research Institute (IARI), New Delhi during 1980-1985. He joined the Indian Institute of Sugarcane Research (IISR), Lucknow as Scientist in 1985, became Principal Scientist in 2006 and finally headed the Division of Crop Protection of IISR, Lucknow from 2009 to 2014. In addition, Dr. Duttamajumder is an ace scientific photographer and this book bears the testimony.

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  • Kaitlyn O'Mahony

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Ebook : 250 INR

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