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Ek Mutho Akasher Jonney
Ek Mutho Akasher Jonney

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ISBN : 978-93-86074-38-6

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We have always wanted to fly like a bird from the ancient days. The desire led us to invent
airplanes and other flying machines. But we were never satisfied seating inside an airplane; we
wanted to feel the empty space around us, we wanted to feel the adrenaline rush jumping from
fifteen thousand feet in the air, we wanted to indulge us in the monkey business of
Ziplining…just to be consistent with the Darwin theory of evolution! The writer brings these
thrill seeking games in his book using his novel and catchy skill of story-telling. Once you start
reading it, you will never be able to leave it aside until you are done with the book. It is just

Publisher : Onlinegatha

Edition : 1

ISBN : 978-93-86074-38-6

Number of Pages : 104

Weight : 150 gm

Binding Type : Hardcopy

Paper Type : Cream Paper(70 GSM)

Language : Bengali

Category : Travel

Uploaded On : April 6,2018

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Amitabha Gangopadhyay was born in Assam. After graduating in Electrical Engineering from Jadavpur University in Kolkata, he pursued higher education in Canada. Amitabha has lived in Canada for many years now. Since he was a little boy, he has enjoyed writing. Traveling and photography are his passions.
The love for nature and outdoors that he inherited from his father when he was a little boy is everlasting. He often travels off the beaten paths of jungles, mountains and rural areas. Traveling is not merely sightseeing to him; it is always a journey that gives him the pleasure to blend with the common people. He shares their joys and sorrows, their love and friendship, their traditions and sentiments with his readers. He also writes travel articles in Times of India and publishes travel blogs regularly on his website In addition to traveling, Amitabha enjoys his favorite sports of paragliding, microlite, zip lining, etc. wherever he visits.
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